About Thermal Land Shuttle

Thermal Land Shuttle has been reliably operating in and around Rotorua for over 10 years. We operate 365 days of the year, aiming to deliver an exceptional day for our clients. Typically we run half and full-day tours from Rotorua to local thermal attractions and Waitomo Caves. We pride ourselves on having experienced, knowledgable driver guides who provide insight and commentary along the way, making as much more than just a shuttle service!

Meet our awesome team


Thomas opened Thermal Land Shuttle over 10 years ago, after working as a "Jump Master" for Rotorua Bungy and Swoop.  He has lived in Rotorua for his whole life and is passionate about sharing the regions hot spots with you!  If Thomas isn't running the business or working as a driver guide, you will likely find him on the golf course or out exploring New Zealand in his camper van!


Jacque works behind the scenes making sure everyone is paid and supporting Thomas run the business.  Jacque is passionate about the tourism industry and has worked in various roles around New Zealand.  Jacque also loves the outdoors, good food and a glass of wine with friends.

Akira - Driver Guide

Akira has been with us for a number of seasons - must be a good thing right?  Originally from Japan, he has been here long enough to call New Zealand home.  Prior to joining our team as a driver guide, Akira owned a local hostel so has been part of the Rotorua tourism family for many years!  If Akira's not on the road, you will find him spending time on the lakes, running or biking around Rotorua or spending time with his wife!

Keith - Driver Guide

The newest member of the Thermal Land Shuttle team is the legendary, Keith.  Keith has also spent most of his life in Rotorua and has been in the tourism industry for longer than many of us have been alive!  He was involved in the earlier days of Waitomo Caves and then owned a local white water rafting business, before selling up and spending his time guiding and driving around the region - he has many a story to tell!  Also speaks multiple languages, such a great asset!  If Keith isn't driving or guiding, you will likely find him out with the wind in his hair/beard riding his motorbike!